Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adorable New Korker Hair Bow Sets

Korker Hair Bows as we call them, however they are sometimes referred to as curly-q or corker hair bows are so fun. The fabulous thing about the korker hair bow is the combination of colors. If you pick the right Korker, you could have a hair bow that matches several outfits! These particular Korker Hair bows will soon be available in our M2MG Category. Our fun Korker Hair bows are attached to lined alligator clips. The ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying. These hair bows are made to last, using the finest ribbon and hardware available. You are going to love your fun new Korker Hair Bows from

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flower Stack Hair Bows

I have had several requests for Red White and Black Hair Bows to match weddings this season. The flower stack is a darling combination of several types and colors of ribbon. So original and unique. I decided I needed 2 new color combinations in this very style. The Black and White which turned out darling! And the Red White and Black, I love hounds tooth ribbon I thought it the perfect addition to this hair bow, it is the second layer look real close, the red gives it that picture perfect final touch! So congratulations to all you beautiful brides! I hope you loved your little flower girls Flower Stacks!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Very Exciting News!

*UPDATE* Still working on it!

We are Moving! Not anywhere crazy. Just over to the website. Should be fun and exciting don't you think? So here is the scoop. Pretty easy!

I will continue to post all the latest and greatest, styles and color combos. Great tutorials. Super cute hairdo ideas. Last but not least, fabulous giveaways and coupon codes.

Hope to see you soon!

Thank you for choosing for all your hair bows, Hats -n- flowers and special occasion dresses and matching hair bow needs. We feel privileged to be working for you!

In the meantime, if you have any questions email me

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Gracie's favorite Do

Oh the dilemma. What to do with hair. I have no talent for hair do-ing. This is why I do hair bows. To cover up my skills or lack thereof. The goose likes braids. I can't braid, french braid anyway. I am told I braid backwards, and all the people I love, who could teach me to french braid-braid forwards (or the real way) So they claim it would just be impossible. Poor Goose!
So here is what we do. I start with wet hair.

And go up the sides with those fantastic stretchy ponies that don't pull their hair out.

A few on one side, a couple up the other...

One piggie to hold them together

Then I blew her hair dry and sectioned it so I could use the triple barrel on it

a couple minutes later, because it is so nice and thin :(

Voila . Curling it this way makes it look like she has so much more hair than she really has--not to mention we are growing out the A-line. I loved it on her but she would like long hair now.

Add a hair bow and we were set! This is an example of the streamer hair bows from the shoppe. She loves this hair bow. It makes her feel like a princess. The Streamers are so fun and you can use them whether your princess has long or short hair. Just trim up the ends to the desired length, don't forget to seal up your ends. And you're set!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doth my eyes deceive me??

I went to the "Spring Boutique" (I now say with a slight hmm. hmmm.) yesterday. We were all so happy about the weather. "It was supposed to snow" we all said. "I am so glad it didn't" we all said. So the kids jumped on the trampoline, my husband mowed and fertilized the lawn........ turned the sprinklers on. Well I woke up this morning after a refreshing slumber in my deceitfully warm home, to this. Now I was not shocked mind you. We had snow in June last year. It does not last long. The point is, it was JUNE. So here we are. I am going to run out and pick my Hyacinths and bring them in, I am sure they are as upset as I am.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who is Hannah Montana Anyway????

I had to post this. My six year old little peanut loves her hair. She loves it. However, she does take after me and she has the most tender head. So tear after tear. I feel for her. I went through it. So I am extremely gentle. Really, I am. Well.....She is extremely.... emmm.....DRAMATIC.

I wanted to do this fabulous up do for Easter Sunday with the classic hair bow

I put her hair in the pink curlers at night, and it is so cute the next day. But she loves it straight and long. She likes to flip it from side to side etc.etc. So I say, "Meg, let me put in the large Velcro rollers to give it bounce-ish-ness. She was fine until she looked in the mirror. And then.

WOW. Have you been there?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

The results are in....

Before I post the results I just had to show you the newest flower stack. I love how it turned out. I am getting a lot of requests for Black and White, and Black, White and Red for weddings.

I love the jester print and the stitches. It is so fun to combine patterns and colors. Especially if you like the results!

Down to Business!!

I went over to and typed all the entries in. I think I am getting pretty fast! Very exciting.

Drum roll please.....

There were 71 items in your list. Here they are in random order: (I will post the top 5)

1. Theresa C.
2. Margie A
3. Linz
4. Girly do's
5. Jules

Timestamp: 2009-04-21 04:16:47 UTC

Congratulations Theresa! And thank you for the fabulous post! Have fun shopping. I can't wait to see wait you get!

OK for the summer hair bow. Have I told you how cute this one is. I know I say all the hair bows I make are my favorite.....but this one might actually be (Top 5 anyway) ;)

1. meems
2. The Allen Family
3. Cheryl
4. Theresa C.
5. Heidi BC

Timestamp: 2009-04-21 04:24:54 UTC

The lucky entry for sending the most entries goes to Jules. Thank you. Please email me. My email is on the side bar.

Thank you to everyone who entered! It is nice to be able to know which hair bows are catching your eye! Check back often. I love giveaways and Coupon Codes. You never know what will pop up next! And don't give up, You could be next. It's only a matter of time!

Now I know I have been saying this for a little while. But the dress up tutorial is coming. My sister has the cutest picture of Lili wearing her fun headband. Super fun and the best part, super easy.

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Just a minute....

Holy Cow! I forgot my quarterlys are due. OK, I did not forget, I just put it off until the very last second. But... I just finished, and I will post the winner shortly.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

1 more day....

One more day to get your entries in for the $25.00 gift certificate. Good luck to you all!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

THE BIG ONE!! It is Not OVER!!!!

OK. I have decided to do a fabulous spring giveaway. This time you get to choose what you get from the shoppe! A $25.00 gift certificate. Plain and simple. "Sign me up", you say! Here is the scoop!

Head on over to All Things Ribbon browse around, sign up for the newsletter by following the link on the home page way down at the bottom, stay all day if you want to!
Come on back and....
Leave a comment on this post with the following information:

Your Name (first name and last initial PLEASE) Or not
Email Address (Or other contact info) Your blogger profile will work! Or not

And...your MUST HAVE hair bows! The hair bows you will get with your Gift Certificate! OR something that caught your eye., a particular style you fell in love with etc. etc. :) Or not

Entries will be accepted until Sunday, April 18, 2009 at 11:59pm PST.
This means you will have time to earn extra entries!


Double Your Entry: Blog about this contest in your blog with a link to it. Include the url to your blog in your entry comment for verification.
OR if you don't have a blog and would like to enter....Email 5 or more (tell 50 if you want!) of your friends about this contest and forward or copy the email to me. Make sure you tell your friends to tell me who sent them! Leave another "I blogged" comment! or not

Triple your entry!! Follow me. And you can tell all your friends your are totally up to date on all the hair bow happenings-fun tutorials and fabulous giveaways and discount codes at All Things Ribbon Leave another "I am a follower" comment! That is a total of 3 comment entries!
Plus you will be entered in the "Just for my followers" Drawing for my new favorite double hair bow. Summer Polka Dots

Winner for this will be drawn on Monday the 20th.

I will also be doing something SUPER SPECIAL for the top referrer! So don't forget to tell me who sent you! What could this be? Another $25.00 gift certificate! That is 2 gift certificates you could win! So don't keep this one to yourself! Make sure to let me know who sent you!

For the Gift certificate a winner will be randomly selected and announced as well as two alternates sometime on Monday the 20th. The winner will also be contacted if contact info (email) is provided. The winner will have until Tuesday April 21, 11:59pm PST to claim the prize by emailing a full name and email address. If the winner does not respond by the given date, the first alternate to email info will receive the prize. Does it get any easier than this? By the way if you just can't stand it and have to get something right away enter discount code "Happy15" for 15% off your ENTIRE purchase, including dresses.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Sale ends Saturday!

Our Spring Dress Event ends Saturday April 4th. You still have time to take advantage of the great prices and "hairbow" discount.....and still get your dresses in time for Easter. Every dress in Megan's Closet has been marked down to $34.95 for this event. To get $3.00 off the matching hair bow just enter "Hairbow" at checkout. Happy Spring!

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Flower Girls and Polka Dots

I decided I could not wait for the professional pictures. My little sister took these and they turned out better than mine.

The task was very big trying to get 16 flower girls to look at the camera all at once---smiling all together was an entire different matter. However, they all looked adorable in their red and black polka dot dresses and Classic hair bows.

I love these dresses, I am trying to decide whether I should carry them or not. What do you think? The boleros were perfect. Watch for these in the shoppe. They will be available in ivory and white. For each of the girls I ordered the size up on the boleros, which worked out perfectly. We had so much fun dressing up the little ladies. They all felt like princesses. Luckily I have one more little sister to get married-----So we get to do it all again!

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Perfect Size Hair Bows

Just in....

We have just added the Small hair bow sets to the ever growing list of products at Allthingsribbon. I know you will like these. I have been making them for years. They are the perfect size to be worn as a set. Each hair bow measures approx 3 to 3 1/2 inches across. And they are attached to a lined alligator clip. I think the price is right as well $5.95 for a set.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flower and Pearl Clips

Here is what you will need

low temp glue gun




cute flowers

glass pearls I got these at Hobby Lobby (I love Hobby Lobby)

Cover your clips with the velvet-I use velvet for the no slip grip. It stays put! Remove any of the extra flower parts- we will only be using the petals

I like to flatten the surface after I attach the flower, the pearls will sit nicely if you do not skip this step.

Almost done...

Normally I am opposed to glue showing, a little will poke through after you attach the beads, nothing terrible. As long as you don't get crazy. Add your pearls (quickly) and your done!

I think they turned out adorable. Wasn't that quick. This is the perfect time to be on the lookout for the spring branches at the local craft stores. You will certainly be able to find some cute ones. I like the pearls too! The possibilities are endless, a clip for every outfit. Super Fun. If you make them, let me know, I would love to see em!
I am working on the dress up is on its way! Stay tuned

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